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Social Media Management

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Researching your target audience

Researching your target audience is a core part of social media management. If you know who your audience is and you’ll know where to find them online.

Creating your social media strategy

We focus on building a strategy for each platform due to the different roles and uses of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. In addition to considering your audience.

Developing your ads

Depending on your business’ goals and service plan, we develop an advertising strategy for your company. If you want to earn more genuine followers, as well as encourage user engagement, social media ads are essential. 

Building your content calendar

We create content calendar for each of your social media accounts. This calendar serves as a reference point for you and also for ProDigi.


Creating platform-specific content

To create the best possible content, We work with graphic designers and copywriters. The result is a piece of content that resonates with users and accomplishes your company’s goals.

Responding to your followers

We interact with your followers, as well as commenters. This service has a direct impact on brand awareness and brand loyalty.

There is no better way to reach your target audience than Social Media.

We use our social media expertise to portray your message across major platforms, consistently engaging with existing followers and attracting new ones.

We maintain a regular posting schedule, publish posts during peak engagement hours, and strategically boost posts to meet your impression and engagement goals.

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